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Welcome to AsF, a gaming community forum created for skilled gamers, by skilled gamers. Share your epic game content, statistics, video, and much more with your fellow gamers. Main Focus -Battlefield/CoD -Thanks from your founders- ReMoRsE and EXzachLY

    Welcome New AsF Community Member (MUST READ FOR NEW MEMBERS!)

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    Welcome New AsF Community Member (MUST READ FOR NEW MEMBERS!) Empty Welcome New AsF Community Member (MUST READ FOR NEW MEMBERS!)

    Post  ReMoRsE on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:24 am

    Hey everyone, I would like to welcome you all to Air Space Full. I (ReMoRsE) am one of the two founders, the other is my longtime friend EXzachLY. We are a community for gamers to join together and always have a party to play with, a place to share your gaming experiences, game content, videos, graphic design skills and anything else our members want because it is our community. Another goal of this community is not only to help players be able to find parties of good players, but to also help players get better at the game. For the time being, this community will be focused on the upcoming titles MW3 and Battlefield 3, although once our community grows we have goals to expand to other games as well. That being said our first goal for expansion starts with us recruiting more members.

    Our name originated while playing COD Black Ops. There was nothing more fun in my opinion than having a big party of friends to dominate with. The name Air Space Full became a popular term with me and my buddies due to us regularly arguing over who was going to call in the next chopper. Everyone tried to call in their chopper gunners and "Air Space Full" would pop up on the screen. EXzachLY and I felt that AsF would make for a well representing name for our gaming community due to our goal of bringing solid players together to reach a common goal, winning. With a community of players trying to accomplish this goal, we can take over in game and dominate. That explains where the name originated from.

    As I mentioned earlier in this post, our first goal is expansion. The hardest part of becoming a successful community is heavily increasing our number of members. I am confident that we as a group of determined gamers can reach our goals if we set them and strive for them together. That being said, in the "General Discussion" section of our forum there will be a post called "Community Goals" that we will keep track of. There will also be a "Community Suggestions" post where staff and members can talk about what we can do to better ourselves as a community. We will discuss current goals and possible new goals in this post. I look forward to getting to know our members and I will see you on the forums.(or on XBL!!)

    In another post in the "General Discussion" section, there will be a post explaining to you guys the opportunities for you to rise up in the community ranks. Since we are still a very young community, these opportunities will change over time and more opportunities will come along. For that reason, these new opportunities will be updated in the "General Discussion" regularly and some will be posted in the "Site Announcements" section. For new members, I would suggest you look into all of the opportunities we have so you can make the most out of your time here at AsF. I also would like to encourage you guys to be active on the forums, because I will be and I hope to get to know you guys and show you why we decided to start this community.

    Now, before you go and check out our opportunities posts I want to direct you to another section of our forums that we highly encourage NEWLY REGISTERED MEMBERS to visit when you join. This section is titled "Player Logs". When you join, we ask you to post a player log for yourself in that section. Player logs will consist of a short survey and if you would like, a little background about your gaming history. This will be better explained by a locked post in the section that is titled "What is a player log at AsF? NEW MEMBERS READ". Trust me it is not a waste of your time and will only take you a few minutes.

    Thanks for reading guys and if you have any questions at all or just want to contact me or EXzachLY feel free to send me a PM or in my signature there will be ways to contact me. There will also be a post in the "General Discussion" section in the near future titled "Staff Support" that will be dedicated to questions or comments that are addressed to either of us two founders.

    Now lets start growing AsF!

    - AsF Founder ReMoRsE

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    Welcome New AsF Community Member (MUST READ FOR NEW MEMBERS!) Empty Re: Welcome New AsF Community Member (MUST READ FOR NEW MEMBERS!)

    Post  EXzachLY on Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:21 am

    Welcome New Members!

    As ReMoRsE said, I'm EXzachLY, also the 2nd half of the start of this soon to be great gaming community of Air Space Full. Other than what ReMoRsE has said, I'd like to add that this group/community or clan some would call it, is NOT at all a dictatorship. Everyone has a opinion here. So don't be afraid to speak up. We'll listen to everyone's comments or concerns, and nothing will be unnoticed. If you feel as though your being mistreated or neglected by one of your fellow members. Please let myself, ReMoRsE or a Moderator know the situation you're in and the case will be reviewed and relayed in a timely matter. Everything will be situated accordingly and hopefully won't have to be opened again. So have fun browsing the site. If you have any questions please use the chatbox and someone will assist you.

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