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Welcome to AsF, a gaming community forum created for skilled gamers, by skilled gamers. Share your epic game content, statistics, video, and much more with your fellow gamers. Main Focus -Battlefield/CoD -Thanks from your founders- ReMoRsE and EXzachLY

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    General of the Army (Founder)
    General of the Army (Founder)

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    Post  ReMoRsE on Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:26 pm

    Hey everyone, this is my first announcement to the site since we have been officially open. At the moment our community still is at a low number of members. Since there are still a few months until the release of Battlefield 3, this is the ideal time for us to take advantage of this time and begin to recruit future MW3 and Battlefield 3 players to join our community. Our goal is for when the game is released to have members ready to party up and get to winning games. Our first wave of members will have many opportunities to work with EXzachLY and I during the first few months of operations here at AsF in recruiting new members. We are going to hold our first "Staff and Officers Selection" once we have a solid pool of candidates for the positions. We are looking to promote a handful of new staff members. Basically what Im saying is that for our first group of members that join, there is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to become a staff member or officer here at AsF. Your help will not go unnoticed and will be appreciated. Do not forget to post your "Player Log" when you register. Thanks

    -Founder ReMoRsE

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