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    Player Logs Explained Here (NEW MEMBERS READ)

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    Player Logs Explained Here (NEW MEMBERS READ) Empty Player Logs Explained Here (NEW MEMBERS READ)

    Post  ReMoRsE on Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:26 am

    Hey there new members, you have made your way to the "Player Logs" section where you will create your own player log. These logs are just a short questionnaire about yourself. Don't worry there are not personal questions, just a little info for us staff that will help us get to know you, but most importantly for us to see who referred you to AsF. Once you refer a noticeable amount of new members, you will be invited to be an official recruiter.

    Play enough with Officer or higher ranked members, and maybe you'll find a recommendation for advancement in our forum rank system. Its not a complicated one, just a simple system i created to make being a member a little fun and something to be a part of. To get the full details on this system there is a thread in "General Discussion" titled "Member Opportunities" I wrote up to explain it to you all.

    Below is the template for your Player Log. You will want to copy this template and paste it in your post, fill in the template and post your Player Log in the section titled "Player Logs". One thing I must stress about your Player Log post, "YOUR USERNAME OR GAMERTAG MUST BE THE TITLE OF YOUR PLAYER LOG" to make it simpler for us staff to know who's it is. Thanks and here is the template:

    Player Log




    Reference(Person who told you about us and led to your joining):





    Video game of all time:

    Map from any shooter:

    Weapon from any shooter:

    How long have you been gaming?

    First Console?

    First Shooter?

    Drop a few lines here about yourself


    Remember guys, please to make the title of your post the same as your username or gamertag! Thanks

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